Dave Belton for
State Representative
GA District 112
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Caleb's Law


A few years ago a young Morgan County graduate named Caleb accidentally killed himself Texting-While-Driving. At his funeral, Caleb's mother asked Dave to pass a law so that other mothers wouldn't have to suffer the same tragedy she did. Over the next few months, Dave spent over 30 days at the Golden Dome lobbying for a law. 


After conquering many legislative hurdles, Dave (a mere School Board member) forged a coalition of Republicans and Democrats, lawyers and cellphone companies, Police and Highway Patrolmen, public safety advocates and television media, to bring the bill to a vote. A similar bill failed the year before - a measure that would have saved Caleb's life. But this year was different. Using the novel idea of having Caleb's 15 year-old sister and a cadre of her friends from her sophomore government class talk to each and every Senator, they won a resounding unanimous victory. Today, "Caleb's Law" protects Georgians everywhere due to Dave's efforts. 


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