Dave Belton for
State Representative
GA District 112
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Dave and Theresa have been married twenty-eight happy years.
They’ve known each other since high school where Theresa was a cheerleader
and Dave was just a geek.
(He got better!)
They got married after Theresa graduated from college
and immediately traveled half-way across the world to live in Italy.

Daniela Carolina is our little Neapolitan. Like Dave, she was born in a foreign country.
She's Salutatorian of her class, graduated with High Honors from UGA,
and is now working for Senator Johnny Isakson.

Caitlin Lee was born at Naval Air Station Pensacola.
She was the president of the Young Conservatives at MCHS
and went to the 1st TEA Party March in Washington D.C.
She's currently a teacher in Henry County.

David Richards is our "love-child" – he’s been both a surprise and a blessing.


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