Dave Belton for
State Representative
GA District 112
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Jesus Christ: Even if you took away the fact that he’s the Son of God, the carpenter’s son is still the first man in history to tell us we must love everyone as ourselves and our neighbor is everyone around us. Easily the most influential man in history, his teachings deeply affect the way all of us (even non-Christians) think. 

Pope John Paul II - Mahatma Gandhi – Martin Luther King Jr.: These three champions of liberty freed their people and provided a better life for them without resorting to violence.  

President Abraham Lincoln: Freed the slaves and defended the Union. Started the Republican Party.  

President Theodore Roosevelt: Warrior-Politician -Conservationist. Took on big business and broke up the monopolies. Turned the United States into a first-world nation. Started the Conservation movement.

President Ronald Reagan: Restored the Republican Party to its roots. Ended the Cold War without ever firing a shot.  

General George Patton: “America loves a Winner and will not tolerate a Loser.” 


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