Dave Belton for
State Representative
GA District 112
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“Jobs for Georgians”

                 My priority is “Jobs for Georgians”…creating business-friendly environments and streamlining education to help our graduates get quality jobs.

                I have a vision for our children to have the good-paying jobs they need to raise their children in Newton and Morgan Counties. The only way that will happen is if they have the precise education they need to capitalize on the jobs that are coming.

                Everyone thinks these new companies will hire within our counties. But if our kids don’t have the education those companies need, they’ll hire from Atlanta instead. We need to act quickly to prevent that from happening. As a School Board Member, we’re seeking to partner with these new corporations for the dual purpose of meeting their business needs and educating our children to be qualified for their high-paying jobs.

                People talk about cutting budgets - I’ve actually done it. Our School Board has cut our budget 11% in 6 years, lowering our cost per student from $9047 down to $7941. For a little perspective, the national average for public schools is $12,744, GA is $9685, and private schools is in GA is $8549 per child. Our School Board has returned our millage rate back to the roll back rate 7 years in a row, all while maintaining academic excellence.

Teachers are the reason for our success. They deserve all the credit. It has never been harder to be a teacher than right now. Despite furloughs and shrinking budgets our teachers have made significant, measurable gains in nearly every category. Last year our graduation rate was 13th best in the state, and our Elementary School scored the highest CCRPI score of any county school in the state. A record 240 students graduated and we had a record 82% acceptance rate at UGA and GA Tech. We quadrupled our AP Scholars in 4 years and doubled our National AP Scholars. We had a 45% AP pass rate – up from 16% in 2007 – while quadrupling our participation from 34 to 128 students. Overall, 31% of Morgan County High School students take AP tests compared to only 17% in Georgia.

The accomplishment I'm most proud of is my spearheading of Caleb’s Law. When a friend’s son died in a texting-while-driving accident, I lobbied for a law to prevent further tragedies. Enlisting high school sophomores to appeal directly to state Senators, I led these students to successfully pass “Caleb’s Law” in just a few short months. I then partnered with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety who designed a program for Caleb’s sister to speak to high school audiences across the state. AT&T and MTV recently created a video which aired on national television in their “It Can Wait” safety program.

I've led men into war and 15 year-olds into legislative battle. I'm the conservative candidate who has a record of getting the job done. 

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